Smoker Pellet Tray SMB-1000

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    Create great tasting food with the Smoker Pellet Tray, simply use your favorite food grade wood pellet and place tray under grate between burners. With the Smoker Wood Pellet tray you can have hours of smoke to give your meats and vegetables the same great taste as if cooked over and open wood or charcoal fire. Enjoy the benefits of not having a lot of ashes to dispose of and the added value of a quick start wide band of heat range with the Party King propane grill and retain the smoke flavor you’ve come to enjoy with the wood or pellet grill.

    Note: for longer lasting smoke take cup of wood pellets and soak in water one to two minutes before placing the pellets in the tray, pellets soak up water very quickly unlike wood chips which can take up to an hour or longer before they are completely soaked for extended smoking time. For quick smoke place on cup of dry wood pellets in the tray. For both long term and short term smoke time fill half the tray with soaked wood pellets and half the tray with dry wood pellets. It is best not to mix the wet with the dry and rather separate the pellets having wet on one end and dry on the other due to how quick pellets absorb moisture.

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