Why Party King  (Click here for Audio Visual Presentation)

Why Party King®, we can give you a million reasons, here’s a few for starters. We know you’ll add more when you get yours. In the history of grills, no other company has offered such a vast array of choices and options with a world class stainless gas grill.

When a customer chooses a Party King® Grill they just opened the door for more ways to grill than ever before. With the Party King® MVP™ or VARSITY™ you can use it on a swing arm and be the hit of the tailgate party, switch it to the Tailgate Transport™ and take it to the woods or on a camping trip, use it on a Party Wagon™ and take it to the beach. Finally add it to the back yard stand and grill on the home patio all year long. One Grill does All!

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