MVP Information Continued

All Party King® MVP™ hitch mount tailgate grill packages incorporate the same high-quality MVP™ Grill. The differences in models are what is included in the packages. They all start with the MVP™ Grill and build from there.

A word about our grill; Party King® Grills are high performance grills designed for tailgaters in the cold North East and heats well in all climates. However, if you are using this grill in the warmer climates you have the option of adjusting the low setting on each burner thanks to internally adjustable temperature control valve. With this valve you are able fine tune the low temperature setting by removing the temperature control knob located on the front of the grill to access the internal needle valve. This setting only needs adjusting when you uses in different climates such as summer and winter.

All Party King® MVP™ grills utilize the same standard propane tank connection and can be fueled by either a standard 20 or 30 pound propane tank or by highly portable, space-saving, Double Barrel Fuel System/Twin Valve Manifold™ (sold separately).