Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean the factory finish off my grill?

A: Apply a small amount of vegetable oil to a clean, soft, cotton cloth and gently wipe with the grain of the finish.

Q: Why is my Swing arm not level when in the open position?

A: Grill must be as level as possible when using to avoid grease overflow from the ash tray.

Adjusting level of Swing Arm:

The arm is built to be slightly higher at the latch end to aid in lifting the arm when closing, however from time to time during the welding process heat generated from the process makes the arm slightly too far up resulting in the arm being too high when in the open position. The fix is a simple adjustment; see below for instructions on how to level the arm.

To level the arm simply prop or block the arm at the hinge point (passenger side of vehicle) to stabilize corner then you push the end of the arm down by forcing it with your hands and body weight (be careful not to bend it too far), almost level to level is enough. Depending upon how strong you are you could over bend it. If that happens lift the arm up to the point of level. The arm can easily be leveled without damaging the arm.

Note: The arm is very strong and you will not damage it when you slightly bend it up or down (which ever it may need) at the open end.

Q: Why does the rear arm of the VERSArm HD appear to be welded on an offset?

A: That’s because it is offset; to assemble the rear arm to the front main beam you must have someone hold the driver’s side of the arm up approximately 2″ +/- 1″ to allow the pivot/hinge ears to align. Once the holes are aligned insert the bolt and tighten until the arm no longer swings freely. Then close the arm by applying pressure to the latch end to force the arm down and into the latch ears. After the grill is attached to the arm the weight of the grill will help hold the arm down. The arm was elevated on the end to reduce the need to lift the grill into the latch ears when closing.

Q: Why does my grill burn but not get hot?

A: The regulator safety has probably tripped, the fix is simple. Turn off control knobs on the grill (make sure they are completely set to off) then turn off the fuel supply at the tank (s) then reconnect the hose and regulator to the fuel tank then preceded to light the grill.

Removing the hose and regulator then reconnecting resets the safety in the regulator.

Remember to always check the control knobs to make sure they are off before you turn on the fuel.

Q: The small propane canisters I bought to use with my TVM have rust on the threads and they are new will this hurt my TVM?

A: Yes it can, you should always clean the threads with something like WD-40 first. To attach the canisters push the canister firmly up into the TVM connection as you turn canister. Always make sure the canister threads are properly aligned before attaching. The TVM is aluminum and is designed to be softer material than the canister so if the can is not correctly aligned it will damage the TVM.

Q: Will the SWING’N SMOKE™ MVP grill system fit on any vehicle?

A: Any vehicle that has a 2″ receiver hitch installed under the rear bumper. Many SUVs, pickups and RVs come standard with a 2″ receiver hitch. The only exception is if the hitch is located farther than 2.5″ under or behind the leading edge of the bumper. If this is the case (the only one we have encountered is the Range Rover) an extension is available to allow attaching.

Q: Can the VERSArm™ HD Carrier System and the SWING’N Smoke MVP Grill system be secured to the vehicle, beyond the standard hitch pin that comes with the package?

A: With the purchase of an optional locking receiver hitch pin and padlocks for the grill, the system can be further secured to the vehicle to help prevent theft.

Q: Will the DLX SS Grill utilize charcoal briquettes as well as propane?

A: No, the grill has 3 extended-life, stainless steel burners and is fueled only by two propane canisters or a standard 5-gal. propane exchange bottle.

Q: Can the MVP Grill System Grill system be dismounted from its VERSArm™ HD Carrier System and placed directly on the ground or on a vehicle’s tailgate to cook?

A: Yes if used with the optional table top stand because of the grill’s downward radiation of heat, it should only be used on the VERSArm™ or on the Backyard Grill Stand accessories, or the table top stand.

Q: How can grease build-up from extensive use be eliminated?

A: Simply take the MVP Grill system to your local car wash; remove the grid, the heat deflectors over the burners and the side shelves. Set the pressure wash to “Engine Degreaser”; soak for 5 minutes; change selector to “Soap”; wash thoroughly, followed by a detailed “Rinse”.

Q: Can the MVP Grill system be stored outside in the sun and weather?

A: As with any grill, it’s always better to store equipment inside in a protected environment. Direct sun will eventually impact the black surfaces of the grill, fading them over time.

Q: How long can I cook utilizing the innovative Double-Barrel Fuel System™ that employs two portable, 1.02 lb. propane canisters?

A: Typically, the two canisters will last for at least 2-hours of grilling. If more cooking time is required, simply take along some spare canisters, or you have the choice of using a standard 5-gal. propane exchange bottle.

Q: Can I use my Double-Barrel Fuel System™ to power other propane equipment?

A: Yes, if your other propane-fueled grills, camp stoves, lanterns or heaters have hose connections with “universal connectors”, the Double-Barrel Fuel System™ can be substituted. The BTU usage of those products will determine the burn time for the two propane canisters.

Q: Can an umbrella be used with the SWING’N Smoke MVP grill system?

A: Yes, with the optional umbrella holder. Keep in mind that if you’re grilling in a windy location with wind gusts of over 5 mph, you should probably not use an umbrella.

Q: I have a vehicle with a lift kit on it and the hitch is higher than the standard hitch height. Can I still use the SWING N’ Smoke MVP Grill system with the VERSArm™ HD Carrier?

A: Yes. Depending on the height of the hitch, you may have to employ a block(s) for use under the adjustable prop legs. The prop legs must be down and on a stable surface before cooking with the grill.

Q: I forgot (or lost) my drawbar stabilizer clamp…can I still use the VERSArm™ HD Carrier System to transport my SWING’N Smoke MVP Grill system?

A: Yes. The only negative effect of not using a stabilizer clamp (comes standard with the grill package) is that the drawbar will be looser in the 2″ receiver hitch and may create additional movement and/or noise. However, so long as the hitch pin is in place and secured, the VERSArm™ cannot come out.

Q: What are the basic differences in the four hitch-mounted, swing-out, SWING’N Smoke MVP Grill system packages, the MVP-8412, MVP-8612, MVP-9212 and MVP-9512?

A: All SWING’N Smoke packages come with the same high-quality grill and the same heavy-duty VERSArm™ HD Carrier System. With the MVP-8612 system package, an Ice Chest Tray is added; with the MVP-9212 system package, you get the Ice Chest Tray plus a Backyard Grill Stand.