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Select Party King Grills products offer the ability to be customized with company, sports team or product logos. Check out for decals to provide a wide variety of registered logos.



Note: Party King Grills does not sell Fat Heads products however they make very nice graphics and many of them fit the grills side shelves and other panels. We only recommend their graphics and in no way warranty or receive compensation from Fat Heads for referring customers to their website.

Recommended links:

To find your college team logo on Fathead follow this link < >

Then scroll down to the Team Logo Assortment for your college and order. Many but in some cases not all of the logos will fit nicely on your grill.

To find your NFL team log on Fathead follow this link<>


Before ordering your logo kit be sure to double check the dimensions that are available for the particular area you intend on using.

Products and available logo space are as follows:

Pro Grill: each side panel has an 18″ tall X 17″ wide space, below heat area:

The front and back panels each have 18″ tall X 25″ wide space, below heat area that is available to customize.


RoadShow Entertainment Console: front doors offer a logo space of 18″ wide X 47″ tall each. We recommend using a separate logo for each side due to doors being open when in use.


The side is 31″ tall x 17″ wide and the back has 33″wide x 17″ tall on top sloped panel and bottom panel has 33″x17 tall.


A custom logo panel to replace the MVP rear access door for all MVP SWING’N Smoke grills is available, the plain non MVP logo panel has space to allow for a graphic measuring up to 25 3/4″ x 8″ of available logo space.


The side shelves for the MVP and VARSITY Grills also provide a wonderful place for graphics such as the football helmets. When the shelves are folded up and grill is traveling down the road you can show your support for your favorite team. When you are grilling the graphic is on the bottom side of the shelf and not visible however the main place you want to sport the graphic is when you are traveling and then it is huge. When the grill is in use the graphics are also protected since they are on the underside of the shelf so in reality it is really a plus since you would not like grease and grime on them.