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  • From on PRO AT-9812

    After about 7 glorious tailgating seasons of tailgating in the Northeast , my original MVP is starting to need a younger brother to help with the size of the tailgate that i have engineered at NY Giants Games , Kids Mountain Bike events, Lacrosse Events , camping etc.. The original MVP held up really well and will get some refit at a machine shop to freshen the drip tray but all else is good and will be seeing action when the party get real big . My Pro grill is on order and can’t wait to receive it and break it in before Football season begins again . Thanks for Building the best Grills in the Industry . Steve W

  • From John Redick on PRO AT-9812

    Going into our 4th tailgate season with the Pro. It’s still looking and performing like new. I’ve cut down some plastic cutting boards to fit into the side trays to make them a little user friendlier (and not get cut by occasional knife work). I also made my hitch safety chains act as a safety brake to spare the swivel wheels the occasional drop off the hitch when mounting/dismounting. The sale price in June 2017 makes this an Awesome deal! If the one I have wasn’t working and wearing so well, I’d be tempted to get another.

  • From David Smith on REDZONE - Hitch'N Go Tailgate Grill

    This thing is amazing! It’s a big powerful grill in a compact package. This thing has enough power & size to cook for a crowd, but yet it’s so easy to put on the back of the truck and go. The ability to strap the ice chest in the grill frame on the back of the truck is one more plus.

  • From Delbert Leymon on REDZONE - Hitch'N Go Tailgate Grill


  • From Christopher Ash on REDZONE - Hitch'N Go Tailgate Grill

    I was one of the first to get this new grill and we love it. It fits well on the back of our travel trailer and feeds our crew well all summer. A must buy for all the campers out there.

  • From STEVEN WEITZ on PRO AT-9812

    As the first season of Twin Party King Grills draws to a close . I can say that our original MVP is better than ever going thru it’s 8th travel season. Now being helped by our new PRO AT is making it easy to create multicourse Tailgating banquets for 20 or more in our group . Seeing more MVP grills in our lot as well . Sadly my football team won’t be playoff bound so my Party King grills will get a little work at Christmas at home with their extraordinary versatility cooking for our big family gathering .

  • From Thrilled Customer on EZ-BBQ Fuel Kit TVM-1200

    This is an “excellent device” for using
    (2) 1 lb. propane cylinders instead of (1). EZ- BBQ Fuel kits are manufactured very well with high grade parts. The customer service just blew me away with his response time & accurate instructions as well as precautions. I am extremely satisfied & look forward to ordering from this company again!

  • From Impressed on Double Barrel Fuel System TVM-1100

    This gadget is “brilliant”. I love the two individual on & off shut off valves extra safety feature. This hardware is well machined & any hose that fits your standard 20#, 11# or 5# tank should work with this. This also comes with a two cylinder propane holder that secures both canisters for travel. In addition; there is a mounting strap to hook holder to your grill. This is a superior package.

  • From Nick B on REDZONE - Hitch'N Go Tailgate Grill

    First off, Customer Service is outstanding. I had a few questions regarding installation, which I received quick thorough answers to.

    The Red Zone is incredible for tailgating! KC Royals games have been more enjoyable because of this. Free Shipping was a huge plus. Easy to transport with no clutter in the back of my SUV.